I recently had the opportunity to be a guest on Reputation Ink’s Spill the Ink podcast. I had a great time talking to host Michelle King about all things LinkedIn – my favorite topic!

As we discussed, a strong social media presence can not only make your firm more approachable, but it can open new demographics that were once inaccessible. It’s a Swiss Army knife of a marketing tool that is too often ignored. If done right, your LinkedIn output can transform your law firm.

We spoke about:

  • How I built my personal brand on LinkedIn
  • Why lawyers should care about their social media presence
  • The important steps to building a successful LinkedIn page
  • Creating and organizing content for social media
  • How to get better engagement on your company page
  • Sharing personal stories and being vulnerable on LinkedIn
  • Are LinkedIn groups effective?
  • Helping law firms to drive likes on their company page
  • The power of multimedia content on LinkedIn

Listen to the podcast.

Contact me if you need help with enhancing your LinkedIn presence.