The more you give the more you get with so much in life and especially when it comes to social media.

For example, there’s no such thing as giving away too much free content on LinkedIn.

I was using LinkedIn long before I really “needed” it – meaning I was occasionally posting, commenting on others’ posts and building my network while I was working full-time as a law firm marketing director.

It led to new opportunities, speaking engagements, guest lecturing at law schools and even this blog.

When I started my own business, I had a built-in audience to launch it through my LinkedIn platform. Clients came directly to me because I had credibility in large part from LinkedIn.

I never once sold my services on LinkedIn because I didn’t have to – I had been providing value. (And no one likes the hard sell anyway!)

When you use LinkedIn right you never have to actually sell anything.

Even if you’re not thinking about starting a business or looking for a job, LinkedIn can help you amplify your personal brand and build your network AND your business. That’s a compelling reason to use it – especially as we have pivoted to an even more online business culture since the pandemic.

How did I get to where I am on LinkedIn?

I showed up consistently, gave back to others, provided value and built relationships.

I freely gave away content and didn’t worry that I was giving away too much because there is no such thing. People worry about that a lot here.

To be successful on LinkedIn, help others while showcasing your expertise. They’ll still need you to implement it!

Believe in yourself and the value of your content. Some of my highest performing posts have been the ones that I almost didn’t share.

Don’t obsess about the number of likes you receive except to use that info to refine your posts.

I didn’t post about my successes and brag about myself.

I learned how to create content that served my audience and not be boastful. I aimed to provide value in every post.

I don’t know more than anyone else – I just put myself out there.

The time is now for you to use LinkedIn to your advantage.

What strategies have worked for you in building your personal brand on LinkedIn and how did you get started doing it?

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Heres s video with more tips on how to be successful on LinkedIn.