I always say to never post anything to social media without an image because posts with images get much more engagement but what’s worse is to post an incorrectly sized photo to social media accompanying your content.

That demonstrates that you 1) lack fundamental understanding of the social networks on which you are posting and 2) did not take the time to resize your photos for each platform (remember one size does not fit all when it comes the content you post on each social platform or the photos you use).

The good news is that it’s very easy to resize your photos today for most people, even from your mobile phone. You certainly do not need a graphic designer or Photoshop to do it.

Try using Canva.com to create custom images with graphics and text (you can gain access to their stock image library as well, which is very useful). You can pre-select the image size for each social media platform when ukulele create it and also makes resize a previous image to fit a different social channel.

Here’s a cheat sheet on the latest image sizes to use when posting images. Now you have no excuse not to do it!