Here are three things you should do on LinkedIn today to build your brand, network and business – focus on these fundamentals today to strengthen your profile and presence in no time.

They include:

  1. Update your personal headline – use descriptive, searchable terms to highlight your strengths. Your headline comes up prominently in Google searches and LinkedIn searches so make sure it reflects what you do, for whom you do it and why you do it (your key differentiators). If you don’t update your headline, LinkedIn will pull and your current job title and company name as your headline and that is just not optimizing your headline. You were so much more than your current position . This is one of the most important sections of your profile. 
  2. Upload a cover image that relates to your business and brand.
  3. Get to 501 connections. When you get to 500+ connections your profile no longer will display the actual amount of connections but rather say 500+. This shows that you have a wide and varied network and this enables your posts to reach more people. It’s of course about the quality of your connections not the quantity but with 750,000,000+ people on LinkedIn today, you should be able to get to 500+ easily.

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