Is your engagement down on social media, email opens, webinar attendance and in your marketing efforts in general? Mine is too – don’t stress about it. It’s summer, so it’s to be expected, but keep at it and do the below during this downtime (and any downtime you have now and throughout the year).

By using this time wisely to plan ahead and take stock of what you’ve already done, you’ll be well prepared for the fall!.

  1. Track your analytics so you can see which social media posts, email campaigns and blog posts did well and which did not. Also look at your Google analytics for key insights.
  2. Repurpose old content that did well or should have done better for social media posts and blog posts.
  3. Research hashtags and make a master list of them by practice, industry and area.
  4. Edit webinars into short segments you can then turn into social posts.
  5. Start a YouTube channel and post your past webinars and videos there – create thumbnails for each of them using Canva.
  6. Create and/or update your content calendar and create content pillars for each area.
  7. Write an article or a series of blog post(s) – buddy up with a colleague if you want to share the work.
  8. Update your email list (segmenting your list as well into subcategories) and create an email newsletter (and a LinkedIn newsletter for bonus points).
  9. Hold a webinar – some people WANT to learn during the summer and you can use that webinar as future blog posts, social media posts, YouTube content and email the replay to key contacts.
  10. Look at your competitors to see what they’re doing and find gaps and opportunities.
  11. Update your LinkedIn profile (cover image, about section/bio, cover story, skills, publications).
  12. Learn LinkedIn’s new features – newsletter, live and cover story.
  13. Brush up on your skills – learn Canva, video editing, adding captions to videos, listen to podcasts and master LinkedIn.
  14. Submit to speak at upcoming conferences and keep a master list of the programs you’ve submitted so you can repurpose it.
  15. Make a list of upcoming conferences to attend in 2022 and 2023.
  16. Update your web site bio, representative matters and practice descriptions. Review pitch materials as well.
  17. Research due dates for key awards and prepare submissions that are realistic to win. Use the matter write-ups as case studies on your web site and social media.
  18. Reach out to media contacts with story ideas – a mid-year point look at the market or trends shaping your industry.
  19. Reconnect with former colleagues and classmates and join an alumni committee/group.
  20. And my number one tip? Stop stressing and keep showing up! Remember there’s a hidden, silent audience on the web and social media. People are still looking at what you are producing and posting so don’t get discouraged even if engagement is down.

Which of these will you try?