August is not a time to stop marketing yourself or your business. In fact, why not focus on branding and business development when everyone else isn’t? You can use this month to strategically plan ahead while things are a bit slower or because you have more time.

Here are 15 practical and actionable marketing to-do’s to boost your brand and business to keep you busy for the rest of the summer.

  1. Set up Google Alerts for yourself and top clients/prospects (information gives you reasons to be in touch with your contacts and it’s so important to manage your personal brand).
  2. Reevaluate your business’ goals/set achievable ones for rest of the year (keep things simple so you can actually accomplish them!).
  3. Reconnect with former clients and key referrals (send them an article you wrote or a webinar they might find of interest – have a concrete reason to “check in”).
  4. Write a client alert, a blog post, an article or all of these – content is king when it comes to staying top of mind with your clients, prospects and industry friends and colleagues – it helps you build a reputation as a thought leader and gives you endless amounts of social media posts.
  5. Learn how to use LinkedIn for posting and commenting on content – mean you knew I was going to say this one, right? LinkedIn is free to use and there are limitless opportunities to use the platform for networking, branding and business development.
  6. Make a LinkedIn connections plan to build your network – you need a strong network to do the things above so continue to cultivate your network and strategically add to your network.
  7. Review analytics of blog posts/client alerts for content planning. This will help you refine your future content too.
  8. Enhance and update your bio and LinkedIn profile – if you don’t say you do it, people may not think you do. Also, adding key words is KEY! It helps with SEO and discoverability. Update at least three times per year.
  9. Become involved with alumni associations – it’s a great way to meet people who can be potential clients, referral sources or just new friends.
  10. Offer a free webinar and then repurpose that content into blog posts, social media posts as well as a podcast.
  11. Use LinkedIn Groups to promote your webinars and new articles – this is an underutilized resource!
  12. Ensure your practice area/industry descriptions are updated – again if you don’t say you do it, people may not think you do, so let them know – especially if you have niche area of expertise.
  13. Volunteer for a bar association or industry committee – another great way to meet people – you never know who could be a client or a referral source.
  14. Submit to speak at key industry conferences and webinars – these are great visibility and business development opportunities and can lead to the opening of many doors.
  15. Decide which conferences and webinars you’ll attend for rest of 2022 and next year – again these are great opportunities which can lead to new clients and new relationships.

Which of these will you do?

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