Today, social media success is so much more than measuring your likes, comments and shares. It’s about looking at the real return on investment of your strategy and tactics over the long- and short-term.

Social media is a great way to build your brand, enhance your professional network and hopefully bring in new business and leads (the ultimate goal of social media marketing). Social media enables you to become a thought leader, add extra personality to your professional brand and work and to make connections who are engaged and will often in time, trust what you say and will listen when you share information.

With the new year fast approaching, take the time during the quieter days of December to map out a social media marketing plan for 2020 with a list of tactics and goals that are actually attainable. Here are some tips from my latest JD Supra article for how to create a successful social media plan for the new year.

Let me know how it goes and happy almost new year!