I had a great time speaking about how in-house counsel can use LinkedIn more effectively at Thursday’s In-House Connect event in NYC, “LinkedIn Strategies for Supercharging Your In-House Legal Career.”

LinkedIn has more than 500 million users and growing daily, including in-house counsel and other key decision makers across every conceivable industry. Whether your goal is to position yourself for advancement at your current company, land your next big in-house role or just polish up your personal brand, LinkedIn can help you in ways no other tool or platform can – but only if you understand how to harness its power to maximum effect.

If you’re just passively using LinkedIn as a digital version of your resume, you’re barely scratching the surface of what the platform can do for you.

I discussed the latest in LinkedIn profile optimization and the top actionable LinkedIn strategies for career-minded in-house counsel, including;

  • LinkedIn profile optimization fundamentals
  • How to proactively form and cultivate truly valuable connections and job leads using the platform
  • How to successfully position yourself as a subject matter expert or thought leader using the platform
  • The importance of LinkedIn “All-Star” status and how to achieve it
  • Mastering the art of the “humblebrag” (a/k/a sharing your successes and demonstrating your value on LinkedIn without being boastful)
  • Getting the most our of LinkedIn groups
  • Unlocking the full potential of LinkedIn’s advanced search

Thank you to all who came and to the group’s co-chairs Shai Mehani and Brian Greenberg for asking me to speak. Also thank you to Whistler Partners’ Sean Burke snd Sarah Wyman for partnering with me on the event.

Stay tuned for a full recap with actionable takeaways and tips!