Here’s a client alert/article tip. Write about what’s hot right now and be first to market on the topic.

For example, the coronavirus is of major to concerns to businesses worldwide. There are a lot of questions surrounding the virus and not a lot of answers – especially as the virus spreads. Can you find a connection to how it may impact your clients? If so, write about it as soon as possible. An article like this has the potential to go viral (pardon the pun).

Think of other topics that are timely and keeping your clients up at night and write about them now. Remember, good is good enough when it comes to writing alerts – don’t miss the right window to publish content while it’s a “hot topic” in order to perfect your wording and review it 76 times.

Don’t let one of your competitors or a colleague beat you to writing about a topic that is your area of expertise. If you find it hard to write an article, partner up with a colleague and share the responsibilities – you’ll build stronger relationships in the process – an added benefit. Publish this article on your firm’s web site, social media channels (then you should like/share it too) and content syndicators.

To read more about how to avoid content paralysis and publish more frequently, take a look at my JD Supra article on the topic.