For true social media success, it’s not enough to post strong content to your firm’s social media accounts, you also need to tap into the critical social networks of your employees – particularly the superstars – to ensure maximum reach and engagement.

Why? Because many of their important contacts are not following your firm’s company page.

Properly train your employees on how to effectively use LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to share and like content from your firm company page and more importantly, from their own personal LinkedIn accounts, so you can tap into reaching the individuals in their powerful networks.

Training may involve sitting with individuals and showing them the ins and outs of LinkedIn – right now during COVID-19, you obviously can’t do it in person, but you certainly can do a virtual training by Zoom and create a handout with easy step-by-step instructions on how to post content to social media. I’ve been doing this with my clients, and it’s worked well.

Get everyone on board and comfortable with using social media in order to reach the widest possible online audience and have maximum reach for your content.

Reach out to me with any questions on these tips and stay safe and well.