Here’s a content tip for right now and later:

Make sure the reporters with whom your lawyers have connections are added to your client alert lists, especially as you are producing so much timely content right now on COVID-19.

Several of my clients have gotten media opportunities directly from the alerts they sent to specific reporters, resulting in them being quoted in key publications, which can be repurposed into web and social media posts.

To comply with privacy laws, make sure you only add reporters with whom your lawyers have a personal connection.

While it’s great to have key reporters on your firm, practice and industry mailing lists, it’s even better if the lawyer sends personalized notes with a relevant alert to each reporter offering themselves up for commentary, or to just help with understanding an issue. Everyone, including reporters, appreciates help right now.

Remember, being helpful and empathetic should be at the heart of every marketing initiative you undertake now – and always.