My last LinkedIn post went viral(!). At the time of me publishing this post it had 700,000 views and nearly 8,000 likes. I also had 3,500 new LinkedIn connection requests as a fault of the post’s visibility. Wow right!?

Here’s why it went viral.

  • I keep saying that you should tell personal stories on LinkedIn.
  • Be authentic and vulnerable.
  • Speak from the heart and help others with no expectation of anything in return
  • Don’t brag. Be humble.
  • Don’t care about the number of likes you get.
  • Structure your posts in short, easy to read paragraphs. Your goal is to get people to stop scrolling on their newsfeed.
  • Use a compelling image to accompany your post – this also helps people stop the scroll.
  • Have a strong opening sentence to capture your audience’s attention and get them to want to “read more.”
  • Be consistent.
  • Be relatable.
  • Talk about a lesson learned or a challenge you faced and overcame (a comeback story).
  • Reply to all comments and messages.
  • Use hashtags strategically.
  • Ask a question in your post. This sparks conversation and encourages people to comment.
  • Silence your naysayers – someone told me to remove the post because it was too personal. I didn’t listen and trusted my gut.

And most of all, be unapologetically you.

While I can’t guarantee that each of your LinkedIn posts will go viral, I can guarantee that you will have stronger visibility and success if you incorporate these tactics into your social media strategy.

Sending warm thoughts to everyone who is facing tough times. You’re not alone.

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Learn more about how my post went viral in this video.