There are so many ways to maximize your content so it has a stronger impact.

There’s also much content out there but not all of it is good. And you want yours to be good. Because it represents your brand, your business and it can lead to many new opportunities. Here are some tips on how to take your content to the next level.

Focus on your headline. Make sure your headline is engaging and to the point. Also don’t misrepresent your article or blog post in the headline. That’s called clickbait – when you entice someone to open up a link or read more but the content doesn’t deliver on its promise.

This just annoys people and undermines your credibility.

Proofread before you publish. The tip is pretty self-explanatory. There’s really no room for mistakes when you are a contact creator, especially if you are being hired by others to represent or work for them.

Proofreading is so easy and sometimes we rush to publish something – myself included – and we don’t take the time to make sure there are no errors in it.

So reread your content before you publish it and consider using a tool like grammarly to make proofreading easier.

Is your content easy to read and client focused? Your contact needs to be for in about your clients. It also needs to be in their language if you want it to resonate with them, which I assume you do.

Almost as important as what you post is how you post it. So that translates to making sure that your social posts are easy to read, with short paragraphs and bulleted lists and subheadings.

Today people skim content and often while on their mobile devices, so make your content as easy as possible for them to follow.

Have a content strategy in place. It’s one thing to create great content, and it’s another thing to promote it. If you don’t promote it what’s the point of even creating it? So you need to use social media an email marketing to help you spread the word about your content.

Use tools like hashtags and visuals to help your content stand out. Hashtags help people find your content (that is if you use the right hashtags), so why not research the right ones for your posts and add them to the end of the post (use no more than 5 for LinkedIn).

Visuals help your content from stand out – especially visuals with people – so reuse your bio headshots and old photos.

Use email marketing to directly reach your audience. Email marketing is used often by companies of all kinds for a reason. Because it is really the only direct way to reach people as long as you have their correct email addresses.

When writing an email to promote your content, make sure that the content is helpful, client-centric and adds value to your audience.

The subject line of your email is just as important as the subject line of your article, because it encourages people to open it or to ignore it. Spend time crafting a good email headline.

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