A strong alumni relations program at your law firm is a mutually benefical relationship that helps both law firms and your former employees.

As I shared on the recent How to Create a Successful Alumni Relations webinar, alumni relations can help law firms of all sizes with:

  1. Recruiting initiatives – Alumni are an excellent source for identifying and engaging potential recruits. Your alumni are more likely to be considered by prospective employees as a credible source of information about what it’s like to work at the firm.
  2. Lateral pipeline activities
  3. Business development
  4. General positive brand building for your law firm
  5. Brand advocates to drive business development and recruiting
  6. Boomerang employees – many alumni return to your firm after going in-house, into public service or discovering the grass isn’t greener somewhere else. It’s easier to re-onboard than to hire from scratch.

At the heart of your alumni relations program is updated and clean data.

You can have all the events in the world, send out targeted communications and newsletters, and offer terrific perks to your law firm alumni, but if they aren’t reaching anyone, they are useless. So focus on the data first.

Watch a replay of our alumni relations webinar.

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