Earlier this week I conducted a training (at lunch – lawyers tend to come when you feed them) for one of my law firm clients on how to effectively use LinkedIn to bring in new business and strengthen the brands of the firm and its lawyers. I tailor each presentation to the particular firm and do an analysis of their competitors and peers. 

After the group training, I worked with each lawyer to enhance their individual LinkedIn profiles and web bios and gave them pointers on how to be more visible and active on the platform (like, comment and share posts) and increasing their connections (quality versus quantity). 

I find one of the best ways to teach someone how to use LinkedIn is to sit with them in their office and let them go through the actions on the platform while I’m beside them coaching them. This enables individuals to really get hands on and become less intimidated by the platform. I also find that non believers of LinkedIn quickly become evangelists when they see the power of the platform to engage with contacts, elevate their stature and lead to new opportunities (not just clients but speaking engagements and writing opportunities).

It is so fulfilling to help firms and lawyers reach their full potential on LinkedIn.