Drawing a blank when it comes to what to post on LinkedIn? 🤔

It’s not always easy to generate a steady stream of value-added, original content – even I struggle on some days. 

Here are 10 productive things to do instead on LinkedIn that are just as useful to your content creation, relationship cultivating and brand building efforts.

  1. Spend time interacting with key connections, using the notifications section for work anniversary, birthday and new job information (which gives you reasons to reach out to people in your LinkedIn network), and proactively starting conversations through LinkedIn messaging.
  2. Comment on others’ posts with insightful thoughts that add to the topic. This is a great way to build your personal brand and become more discoverable.
  3. Create content about people you admire and/or regularly learn from in your industry. Tag them in the post so they know by using the @ sign. This is how to foster stronger connections and build your network.
  4. Research and then join LinkedIn groups. The right LinkedIn groups can help you spread awareness about your value-added content and events/webinars and make new strategic connections (just don’t post anything overly salesy or self-congratulatory).
  5. Have you noticed the new bell 🔔 next to people’s names on their LinkedIn profile? By clicking on it, you will start to receive notifications when someone shared a new post. Spend 30 minutes following some of your favorite content creators (like me!) as well as your clients/prospects.
  6. Create evergreen content. These are timeless posts that you can reuse over and over (such as five things to do on LinkedIn today or why you need a will). Go through your past content and LinkedIn data archive as well as old blog posts and articles for ideas. These posts are gifts that keep giving and can greatly help boost your SEO.
  7. Follow LinkedIn hashtags in your niche or that are within your content pillars. Look at the popular content bring created under them for inspiration on your own posts and to build relationships with other LinkedIn creators.
  8. Work on your content calendar for the next few weeks – look at industry trends, client pain points, current news, events and upcoming holidays (like the upcoming Women’s History Month) to spark ideas.
  9. Recycle your greatest hits. Many people post their content once and that’s not maximizing it at all. Look at your analytics to see which posts did the best and use that as a starting point. You may want to tweak the post a bit before reposting it, but remember that no one will remember that you posted it a few weeks or months ago – the LinkedIn algorithm and user habits ensure that.
  10. And finally, it’s more than okay to skip posting if you’re just not feeling inspired on a particular day. It’s better to post great content on LinkedIn a couple times a week than mediocre content every day. Take the pressure off. LinkedIn will still be there (I promise!)

What do you do on the days you just can’t think of a LinkedIn post?

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