Hashtags are great tools to help your content become discovered and to build your brand and business (especially on LinkedIn), but only if you know how to use hashtags and you use the right ones.

If you’re writing about the coronavirus on LinkedIn, you should be using hashtags so your content can be amplified and have a stronger impact. The coronavirus is permeating every aspect of our lives for now. Please only write content that will educate and help others at this sensitive time otherwise you can seem insensitive, which can greatly hurt your brand. Also don’t use this time as an outright way to market – help others with useful content and webinars. This is the socially responsible way to stay top of mind.

Here are the trending (and not so trending) hashtags on the coronavirus with the number of current followers as of the time this article was published. Also, just because a hashtag comes up as a suggestion doesn’t mean you should use it – some of the ones that have the lowest number of followers were suggested to me by LinkedIn when I typed in a post about the coronavirus.

Stay safe.

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