The National Law Review recently featured me on its podcast on all the reasons why lawyers need to use social media, content marketing and networking. Some highlights:

The firms that are still putting out content without thinking that user habits have changed are at a disadvantage.

So are the firms that aren’t using LinkedIn in a meaningful way. Social media should be a big part of your strategy as a lawyer and also as a firm.

I still see law firms need help in terms of maximizing their content assets and using them more efficiently and effectively. Making your content work harder and smarter for you is something I literally say once a day to my clients.

I tell people all the time that writing good, helpful content is the key to getting better Google SEO rankings and more visibility and leads.

Start writing.

Most people don’t follow your blog or client alerts, you have to push out the content to people.

This is why we have social media, email marketing, content, syndicators (like NLR) and other tools – most lawyers don’t realize what’s going on behind the scenes.

So you can write a great piece of content, but if you don’t promote it effectively and efficiently, it doesn’t matter, because no one will see it.

If you’re thinking about going back to law firm “normal,” you’re thinking about it all wrong.

Firms that get that and use social media, content marketing and webinars for client development will be at an advantage.

I hope that lawyers and firms realize that and promote, train and encourage their people to do those things.

Listen to the podcast, watch a video of it and view the transcript.