‪Thanks for joining me and Kristyn Brophy today for the LMA Northeast Region virtual program on effectively using LinkedIn during the pandemic.

Thanks to John Bologna and Brandie Knox for organizing it and Rob Kates for his technical assistance.

Although you couldn’t see us on screen, we wore shirts to support our hometowns that we

As we are in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak, online networking has never been more important to stay top of mind and build connections – whether you have a job or are looking for one.

There are three essential building blocks of LinkedIn – your profile, your connections and your interaction on the platform. I find that many professionals focus on the first one – creating a strong profile, but they don’t take it to the next level by strategically building their network (meaning sending and accepting connection requests) and maintaining a consistent presence through liking, commenting and sharing posts.

Here are some ways you can fire on all cylinders when it comes to strengthening your LinkedIn presence. Remember that LinkedIn is where business professionals gather, do research and look for information especially now.
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Today I’m excited to feature a guest column by Natasha Alladina. She writes:

You know those missed connections ads on Craigslist?

Well, I realized something. I’ve had a bunch of missed connections in my professional life.

Both in real life and on LinkedIn.

A couple of months ago I went to a CLE and

What kind of content should you share on social media, especially during a global pandemic? Here are a few ideas that can be adapted fo any size company.

1. Educational

2. Informational

3. Tutorials (how-to’s)

4. Solution-based

5. Good works (pro bono, community service, giving back)

6. Case studies

7. Events/educational programs

8. Behind the

Today’s LinkedIn tip (via video) is about the notifications section. This area gives you a treasure trove of useful information on job moves, work anniversaries and the accomplishments of your connections.

I have seen new business and renewed relationships come over and over as result of using the notifications section as a catalyst to reach

Being sensitive to current market conditions and disseminating content and programs that are designed to inform your clients and help them navigate this unprecedented time should be your only guiding principle during the coronavirus outbreak when it comes to content and digital marketing.
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A law firm’s most precious assets are its clients, which are the source of both today’s business and tomorrow’s referrals. It’s never been more important than right now to integrate the voice of their clients into all you do. Unfortunately, many law firms still haven’t adopted a client-centric mindset as they engage with their clients and prospects, which often leads to what I call lots of random acts of marketing. There’s nothing worse than bombarding your clients with lots of non-focused content.

The fundamental and critical elements of business development success include forming strong online and in-person relationships, and providing exceptional client service at all times.

Since in-person networking is on pause for now, online networking is the most important tool  we have.

It’s never been more important to be client-focused as it is right now as we face this global pandemic, which is affecting everyone around the globe.

Here are nine ways to adopt a more client-centric mindset at your firm.
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Please join me for the Association of Legal Administrators, New York City Chapter virtual program on April 21 at 12pm ET on how to market your firm and your lawyers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here’s the description from the ALANY about the program: The COVID-19 crisis is impacting law firms, their workforces, and, of

I’m often asked how to make a real impact on your branding and revenue generation efforts with social media, and it’s quite simple, requiring little to no investment. Social media is a powerful tool, especially now.

  1. Every post should contribute something of value and regularly create engaging, timely and helpful content
  2. Use metrics to refine