I’ve been getting a number of requests from people who want to watch video replays of past Women Who Wow programs. Well, here you go!

All of these programs can be found on my YouTube channel.

Part 2 of the Women Entrepreneurs Roundtable with Shari Belitz, Sherine Clarke, Charlyne Fabi, Laura Leopard, Katie Lipp, Jennifer Klyse, me, Deborah McMurray, Deborah Scaringi and Olivia Vizachero.

The group continued the discussion with leading women business owners on their professional journeys, their successes, challenges, when to hire, how to be productive, how to use fear to your advantage. The speakers provided actionable tips for marketing yourself, getting new clients, setting up your new business and bringing an idea to market.

How to Dress for Post-Pandemic Life with Melanie Lippman

In this webinar, image consultant Melanie Lippman spoke with me about:

  • How to stop the never-ending pattern of having a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear
  • How to have a closet that supports you instead of works against you A system for shopping, editing your closet and outfit creation
  • How to show up professionally, confidently, and be comfortable whether you’re working at home or speaking on a stage
  • How to feel good about how you look despite any pandemic weight gain

Women Entrepreneurs Roundtable Part 1

Building a business of your own might seem daunting, but it’s more possible than you think.

These women did it (and so did I) at different stages of their careers. In this program, learn how these women entrepreneurs started and built their businesses, their tips for networking, scaling their businesses, getting clients, marketing themselves and much more.

They also provided advice for how others who are thinking about going off on their own can do it too, managing a ‘side hustle’ and what you can learn from their experiences.

The speakers are Shari Belitz, Sherine Clarke, Charlyne Fabi, Jennifer Klyse, Deborah McMurray, Stefanie Marrone (me), Laura Leopard, Katie Lipp, Deborah Scaringi and Olivia Vizachero.

How to build your business and brand with social media with a focus on LinkedIn

This webinar with Helen Burness, Katie Lipp and me explored how to:

  • Create a strong LinkedIn brand to help achieve your goals as well as how to use other key social networks such as Instagram and TikTok for marketing
  • Be more intentional about developing your personal brand and network through speaking opportunities, article writing/blogging, volunteer and board roles
  • Promote yourself and your business without seeming overly boastful
  • Generate a steady stream of ideas for posts that will resonate with your network
  • Find your “Kevin Bacon effect” and your passion while building your subject matter authority
  • Efficiently manage your own personal marketing along with the demands of work and everyday life