Learn how to market yourself this summer and fall on a free webinar I’m hosting next Tuesday 8/24 at 12:30pm ET.

Don’t sit back now take a break from marketing yourself. This is the PERFECT time to focus on your business development and branding efforts especially since many of your peers competitors may not be – so use that to your advantage.

We are also in the hottest job market in years after emerging from the pandemic– this is THE time to focus on your own personal branding and business development efforts to position yourself for future opportunities no matter at what point you are in your career.

In this program, I’ll cover actions you can take that will have a big impact on your bottom line now and later in:

  • Developing a social media strategy and a plan for posting items consistently to build your brand and business
  • How to use LinkedIn to bring in new business, business opportunities and expand your network
  • Creating a personal business development plan
  • How to reignite relationships with former clients and colleagues, as well as prospects
  • How to develop client alerts and articles that clients actually want to read
  • Repurposing/updating old content into new pieces
  • Revising your bio and practice descriptions with a client focus
  • Finding the right speaking engagements to apply for and events to attend that will help you meet potential clients and referral sources

Register here for the August 24 program.