If you want to raise your profile and have more success in marketing yourself and your company, here’s a five-step formula to raise your visibility and ensure you get more value from the time you are spending on marketing.

Ensure you are making an impact in all five of these marketing areas:

  1. Networking (in-person and online – especially in today’s socially distant world)
  2. Speaking (conferences and your own webinars)
  3. Writing (blog posts, client alerts and articles published in trade journals and industry publications)
  4. Trade association participation (serve on a board, committee or just regularly attend events in your industry to network and build relationships)
  5. Digital presence (social media, email newsletters, podcasts, videos, etc.)

But it’s not enough for a business professional to just do these marketing activities.

They say if you build it they will come – well that’s not really true unless you market what you’re doing.

Remember, how well you communicate what you’re doing is as important as what you intend to communicate.

You can write the best content and speak at the most prestigious conferences but if you aren’t promoting what you’re doing, you’re not maximizing the full impact of these activities.

If your blog posts and client alerts aren’t getting as much readership as you would like compared to the amount of time you’re spending writing them, and your webinars aren’t getting as many attendees as you believe they should, social media can help with this (bonus points IF you get your employees involved in spreading the word about them – you need to tap into their valuable networks).

In addition, don’t underestimate the power of email marketing. I believe email is the most direct and effective way to reach clients and prospects – as long as your contact lists are clean, updated and segmented.

What do you think about these five marketing activities? Have they worked for you?

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