Promoting the successes of others in your network can build stronger relationships and lead to new business, especially now when we are relying so much on online networking to keep close with our connections. Here are some tips for how to shine a spotlight on others.
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Every professional should always be thinking about ways to build their book of business and brand, as well as how to develop stronger relationships with clients and referral sources.

Maintaining strong relationships and staying top of mind with clients and referrals are often at the heart of this kind of business development work. There are

Your professional biography is one of the most important pieces of copy you’ll ever write about yourself. It’s your opportunity to showcase your work, capabilities, areas of expertise and what makes you stand out from your competitors.

Many in-house counsel cite lawyer bios as one of the most important sources of information regarding researching outside lawyers (yes, everyone is Googling you and your bio is usually the number one search result of your name). In addition, lawyer bios are among the most trafficked pages on law firm web sites.

Your bio can serve as an important business development tool if it is well-crafted. Yet within the legal industry, so many bios are still lackluster, outdated, not client-focused or just plain poorly written.

Given the power of bios, it has always baffled me that many lawyers do not update theirs at least several times a year or write them with a client focus. Any down time you have or right before a pitch or a speaking engagement are all great reasons to take a fresh look at your bio and them more engaging and client-focused. Now let’s get to work! 
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My friend Jay Harrington often speaks my language on social media and content marketing topics – but especially in his recent post on how lawyers can use LinkedIn to harness business development success. If you aren’t yet following him, you should! And if you like this topic, join me and Jennifer Simpson Carr at the LMA Annual Conference where we will be presenting a deep-dive workshop on this very topic on day two of the LMA Annual Conference on Wednesday, April 10 at 1:30pm at our program on “Beyond Branding: Aligning Social Media Strategy with Business Development Goals” – we promise two hours of interactive, useful takeaways for marketers of all levels and firm sizes.

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