Don’t let the last few weeks of the year go to waste when it comes to your marketing and business development efforts.

Here are a few actions you can take to build your brand and business as the year comes to a close.

  • Google yourself and set up Google Alerts for your top clients and prospects
  • Reevaluate your business’ goals for the year and set achievable ones for 2022
  • Reconnect with former clients
  • Write a client alert, a blog post, an article or all of these
  • Learn how to use hashtags on LinkedIn
  • Make a connections plan for LinkedIn to strategically increase your network
  • Look at the analytics of past blogs, emails and client alerts to refine your content strategy
  • Plan a New Year’s email and social media post
  • Enhance and update your bio and LinkedIn profile
  • Ensure that all practice area/industry descriptions on your web site are updated and reflect current market conditions
  • Clean up and add new contacts to your email list
  • Research volunteer opportunities for the new year – for an industry committee, a bar association committee, social cause or pro bono project and alumni associations

Reach out to me if you need help strategizing on how to implement these actions.